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You may be wondering WTF is Birdfish. 

It'll make more sense if I introduce you to Dottie first (pictured below), my 1967 Airstream Globetrotter that I haul to art festivals, shows, & fairs showcasing my craft. She's an old gal with over 50 years of wild experiences across the country—oh, if these walls could talk! I bet she has some great stories to tell us. I began this journey of transforming her into my studio and gallery because I wanted to capture that wanderlust spirit. If you have ever felt the pull to nature, to connect by disconnecting, you know what I'm talking about. Back to WTF is Birdfish. It's very simple! Air–stream: bird in the air, fish in the stream. 


Perfect, isn't it? Now, enough about the name. Here's a little bit about my what and why.


I love a good story, and some people are great storytellers who compel you to hang from their every word and captivate you with every gesture, forcing you experience the story firsthand. I am not one of these people, at least not with words. Instead, I strive to capture the essence of the drama and evoke emotion, a reaction, something, anything in my art, even when it’s counter to my own intentions. think that's what's so cool about art: It's filtered through your own beautiful experiences and idiosyncrasies, and you get to take ownership in whether you think art is good or bad or just is. My ultimate mission as an artist is to paint beautiful stories.


I am usually working on five or six paintings simultaneously. As I rewrite this biography for the 27th time, I am working on 13 paintings. Some are private commissions while others are new creations for the upcoming festival season. I'm messy and chaotic and my workspace gives my poor husband anxiety.


I build my own stretcher bars and stretch my own canvas at Birdfish Studio. When I work on canvas, I start with the background and build it in layers of acrylic and spray paint. When I am painting glass, I paint in reverse, so it's opposite of working on canvas. I've worked using both techniques for 13 years, and each one influences my approach greatly. I am learning constantly and always growing. I run Birdfish Studio primarily on private commissions. And I just released a Buoyant Limited Edition print this year, so be sure to check that out if you are in the market for some art. If you would like to inquire about custom, original art for your home, workplace, kink space, restaurant, hotel, corporate offices, murals, or what have you, please contact me using the contact form above or the social media links below.


Kyle Jeffrey Beargeon (he/him/his)

Artist of Birdfish Studio, LLC

cute artist

Photo credit: Britton Hacke Photograpy

Dottie's Library

Photo credit: My dad

Pinky out, bitches 

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